Safety engineering

Safety technology plays a special role in individual machines and complete plant constructions. In addition to mechanical protective devices, such as protective grids, pipe-break safety devices and heat protection insulators, electrotechnical protective devices are also extremely important in order to ensure safe operation of a machine or system.

For mixers with removable containers, the correct fixing must be verified. The stirrer unit can only be operated when it is in the correct position inside the bowl. In mechanical machine movements, the operator is protected by a two-hand control device; however, the danger area must be clear of personnel, or additional safety measures such as light barriers or enclosures must be provided. If the measurement release mechanism cannot be equipped with a safety guard, an electronic detection can be utilised. Doors in protective enclosures are another important safety aspect that must be considered. If the operation of a plant is coupled with the running of an external exhaust system, this must also be taken into account in the electrotechnical safety concept.

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