AIF-Research projects:

We are particularly proud of the numerous research projects which we carry out on behalf of the German government with the support of the German Institute for Food Technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück .

Some of our projects are outlined below.

New research project „New malting process“

Since January 2017, we have been working together with the German Institute for Food Technology (DIL) on a new research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The project is due to last for two years. Within the scope of the project, a novel malting process is to be developed which is based on the principle of a tiltable and rotatable horizontal mixer. The project objective is the development of new multifunctional apparatus for the effective and efficient processing of malt used in beer production.
The process is characterized by a unique all-in-one process in a single container. A particular feature of the prototype is the possibility to undertake four different malt processing steps (cleaning, soaking, germinating and malt-drying) in one apparatus, which is in contrast to conventional malting systems.

The new process for brewers malt production has numerous advantages, for instance the transportation of the product in between the individual process steps (cleaning, soaking, germinating and drying) is not required, which significantly simplifies the work process.
Within the scope of the project, it is intended to establish a method of varying the individual control and regulation of the heat supply during the germination and drying process in such a way that diverse malt qualities can be produced.

Development of an innovative combination dryer for an effective and careful drying process for home grown vegetable products.

Duration from 01.09.2014 to 31.08.2016

Subject: A drying process is a proven procedure for conserving perishable food. In particular, the use-by date for fruit and vegetables is significantly extended by this process. The aim of the project was the development of a new type mixer dryer.

Development of a combined mixer/thermal apparatus on the basis of ohm resistive heating technology.

Duration: 01.02.2014 to 31.01.2016

Subject: The heating of products during the mixing operation is often a substantial part of the process. The heating process almost always takes place via the bowl wall using different heat transfer methods. The aim of this project was the development of a new type of batch operating mixer, utilising ohm resistive heating.

Development of a modular construction prototype for an effective and careful drying process for core and stone fruits

Duration: 01.09.2011 to 31.08.2013

Subject: Common drying processes dry relatively quickly at high temperatures. The newly- developed dryer broadly preserves the ingredients of the fruit by processing at low temperatures.

Development of a high speed mix-and-cook apparatus on the basis of high frequency technology.

Duration: 01.10.2010 to 30.09.2012

Subject: A planetary mixer was developed with a stirring tool which is driven by a high frequency unit. The heating takes place directly within the product, which is an advantage for medium and high viscous products in particular. Double-walled containers are therefore not required, although it is possible to cool using a double casing.
Since the heating system is completely integrated inside the mixer, the operation can be undertaken with a reasonably-priced single wall container.

Multifunctional horizontal mixer for continous and discountinous mixing-procedures

Duration: 01.01.2008 to 31.12.2009

Subject: In contrast to traditional horizontal mixers this new mixer can be operated in batch mode, as well as continuously. It operates with two rotating mixing shafts working on the planetary principle, which achieves particularly good mixing results. In addition, when mixing tools are correctly designed, shearing forces can be transferred to the product being mixed.

High viscosity on the basis of planetary technology

Duration: 01.12.2004 to 30.11.2006

Subject: The focus was the development of an encapsulated double planetary drive
in a coaxial construction. Two independent drives are able to gently mix highly viscose and shear-sensitive products. In addition, the product can be directly heated by a specially constructed wall scraper

Development of a new mixing and dispersing unit with product specific regulated energy and shear stress

Duration: 01.11.2001 to 31.10.2003

Subject: Development of an inline-homogeniser with an adjustable dispersing system. The control technique makes it possible to adjust the rotor and stator system to the changing flow properties of the products during the processing cycle by changing the gap width of the stator and speed of the rotor.

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